Vicarious Travel Magazine

Vicarious Magazine:

Publication Design

Vicarious was a project for my BFA seminar in the Spring of 2017. We were each given a random page from the dictionary and told to pick one of the words from the page. Using the meaning of that word we would create a magazine. The word that I chose was vicarious: experienced in the imagination through the feelings or actions of another person. I began the project by thinking what kind of things you could experience through another person through print medium.

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Masthead Design

The first part of the project was to design a masthead/logo that would work to identify the magazine. These images are the beginning sketches. I was exploring many different directions to see which fit the demographic I had decided fit my audience the best.

The sketches helped to guide me in the direction of the final choice for the masthead although I did not go in a direction that directly resembled any of the original sketches.

Masthead Design Cont.

These are the three digital versions of the masthead. I felt that they catered to a more mature and educated audience with the funds to travel who would appreciate the in-depth subject matter of each of the articles within the magazine.

The first masthead did not match well with the content of the magazine being more in-depth. I felt that the too should match up, so I moved in the direction of adding more narrative to the masthead. The second was a push into this direction, but I still felt as though there could be more representation of something related to travel and a story to be told within the symbol.

The third and final masthead was more narrative and a representation of a globe (in the globe/sphere on the side of the “V”) and the lines which one might imagine traveling around it. In this was, I felt that someone would imagine all the destinations that someone would travel to and the magazine could be a symbol of that.

Layout Designs

The layout of each spread of the magazine was designed to focus more on the photographs. The information was to be supplemental to the photos, which were the primary source of information for the reader. Because Vicarious was about experiencing Travel through another, I thought it would be appropriate to showcase the visual aspects of the city rather than a wall of text.

Table of Contents

Dining Section

Architecture spread

Architecture spread