Scarves Timeline

History of Scarves:

Timeline Design

In my BFA seminar we were tasked with creating a timeline that dealt with a topic of our choosing. I decided to work with the rich history of scarves and their symbolism along with notable figures who made the scarf what it is in contemporary times.

Initially, for each node of the timeline, that detailed each civilization and notable figure, I was going to do an illustration along with the date and historical context.

I decided to move away from this and decided to focus more on pattern design for the whole piece that I felt evoked a scarf.

I try to use type as pattern/image as much as I can in my work and with this project I definitely wanted to move in that direction. I looked at the glyphs of the typeface Butler, which I was using on this project, and found that the tilda sign was perfect. By overlaying colors in with this symbol and scaling it to large proportions, I was able to create flowing patterns that matched with the flowing and cascading nature of a scarf.

Combining illustrations and type as pattern

Large tildas create a colorful background.

Moving towards more legibility and more elaborate ornamentation with more glyphs from the Butler typeface.

More simplistic direction that has more readable text and divisions of information.