proportion test

Endangered Species:

BFA Proportion Project

In Fall 2017, for my BFA studio course we were given a project that had only one requirement: it must be based around proportion. I decided that my subject matter would deal with animals and how they related to humans in some way.

The initial idea for this project dealt with the faces of animals and humans. By overlaying an animal’s face with a human’s, I wanted to show the similar facial structure that we share.

My intention with the overlays would have been to make a series of posters that first drew an audience in by showcasing said similar structures, but add another layer of information below that. That second piece of information would have dealt with dwindling animal populations supported with statistics, historical facts, and current numbers of animals left.

This made me realize that I needed to focus more on the proportions of the numbers of the animals throughout time rather than the facial commonalities they share with us

The final versions added information that allowed for more context and historical facts for the viewer. With these I also wanted to give more emphasis on the lessening populations and the violent undertones associated with them.

By giving the numbers a much darker red, adding a simple line that interrupts them, and giving historical facts with each date, I attempted to give an audience something to walk away with and reflect on concerning our impact on the lives of animals