Mother Bears Cycling

Mother Bears Cycling:

Cycling Apparel Design

During the Fall of 2017, I was approached by Mother Bear’s Cycling to design their kits for the Little 500 of 2018. Little 500 is a collegiate cycling race that is held at Indiana University Bloomington every year. I worked with two members of the team and the vendor Cutaway. Mother Bear’s cycling already had colors selected that adhered to their brand and a logo. I was tasked with typeface selected and using the brand elements to create designs that were visual representational of cycling as well as eye-catching for road safety. I worked with graphic designer Jacob Greene on the jerseys and the bibs (cycling shorts) and worked alone on the thermal jacket.

Typeface & Color Selection

The typeface chosen was Nexa Slab. Because Mother Bear’s is a Little 500 team at IU the association of slab-serifs with athletic organizations matched well. Specific visual characteristics of the typeface helped to project a feeling of movement and speed; the adnates (the shape flowing into the stem at the top of the “A”) gave a movement to the letters. The heavy letters and movement added to the strength associated with Mother Bear’s Cycling.
The team colors were taken from the Mother Bear’s Pizza branding and slightly altered. The original colors only contained one yellow and red. This was expanded into a lighter black, a more saturated yellow, and a red with added orange. The decision to add these colors was to give the cycling team a distinction from the restaurant, but still retain that association. The black color contrasted well with the other colors to add a more legible presence on the road during training sessions to enhance the safety of the team.