Keepers of The Bees: Visual Enthography

Indiana University Beekeeping Club : A Visual Ethnography


This award winning piece (George W. Sterns Award through the Indiana University School of Art Architecture and Design) is an ethnographic study of the Beekeeping Club at Indiana University. We were assigned to groups of other students and on our own decided on a community that we wished to research. This was a student project for my first semester in the graphic design BFA program at IU. The purpose of the project was to study a local group and research them by immersing ourselves within their community (also largely to understand what a community is). We were to then take that research and gain insights from it using various design thinking methods.

We created personas, conducted in-depth interviews, and attended their meetings. Based upon my research and insights, I concluded that what the Beekeeping club needed that would help them in their endeavors would be a simple visual artifact that would allow others to see the impact of their work and how many people it reaches and how it enriches their lives. I created a large print piece that would allow a viewer to understand a little bit about the Beekeping Club at IU.

In the same semester, this work won an award through the School of Art Architecture and Design.