Edward Snowden: Propoganda Posters


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Edward Snowden Propoganda Posters

Edward Snowden Propoganda Posters For this project, I wanted to combine my love of graphic design and my knowledge from my first degree in information science when I focused on Social Informatics. I learned a great deal about our privacy as a nation and how the government and technology impact that. So my project focused on three quotes from Edward Snowden that I think speak a great deal about what the NSA is doing to our privacy as a nation and how they are eroding our rights to our own privacy.

I wanted to use the three main colors of the American flag as well as subtract one stripe after each successive poster. In this way I am trying to convey the fact that our privacy is being taken away and therefore our rights as American citizens.

This piece was put on display in the Grunwald Gallery of Art at Indiana University.