10th Street Corridor

City of Bloomington: 10th Street Corridor

During the Spring 2018 semester of my BFA seminar, our graphic design group was tasked with branding an organization that is part of the city of Bloomington. This organization is called 10th Street Corridor. 10th Street Corridor is an effort to brand a developing part of the city with the purpose of attracting young adults to work in the various businesses that are planning to build and employ in the area.The clients asked for a logo that felt technological, modern, and intelligent. These are things that they felt would bring young adults to the area to live and work

Sketches and Concepts

Three rounds of logos were presented to the client. The initial logo was bold and inspired by the shape of the Trades District, which is a large part of the 10th Street Corridor initiative. The area on a map has the shape of a zero in a geometric style. The initial logos were inspired directly from this shape in order to reinforce the industry along tenth street. Although this was well received, the client felt that the other areas and ethos of 10th Street Corridor was lacking.

The later iterations moved in the direction of merging the visuals of a corridor and a street with technology. The reasoning behind the incorporation of a technological aesthetic is due to many research and development companies looking to move to the area and to entice young people working in technology. A synthesis of all these ideas culminated in picturing the logo as an interlocking system of lines reminiscent of wires. This was the decided upon final direction.

Final Logo

This is the final logo design that was proposed to the client. My team and I felt that it addressed the interests of the client and conveyed what they wanted as well what their target audience would desire. The line work intersects at certain points to create shapes and interactions reminiscent of corridors and streets. Additionally we felt that the work could be related to research and development and technology industries as it is reminiscent of computer hardware.

Typeface & Color Selection

Brandon Grotesque Light was chosen as the display typeface because it matched up with the professional, yet approachable persona that 10th Street Corridor identified with. The typeface was sharp, but rounded at the ends of the letters stems. Using a thin sans-serif also coupled well with the technological approach that the client felt was important.
Saturated and bright colors were chosen to project a friendly atmosphere to viewers. Each color identified with four different districts of 10th Street Corridor. The purple identified the Regional Academic Health Center, the green identified the IU Tech Park, the blue identified the IU North Academic Centers, and the orange identified the Trades District. Orange was already the color used to brand the Trades District, so we were obligated to align to the brand standards already established for it.

Letterhead and Business Cards

Street Banners

These banners would hang from light poles along 10th street on along IU’s campus. Each color would correlate with the four different areas. Glimpses into buildings that people may recognize were used along with sections of the logo. These two elements were coupled together in order to reinforce the architecture working with the identity. The goal of this was to reinforce the visual language of our branding campaign. Information regarding 10th street was intentionally left out because we felt it would inspire an investigation on the part of viewers and allow them to learn about 10th street.