10th Street Corridor

City of Bloomington: 10th Street Corridor

During the Spring 2018 semester of my BFA seminar, our graphic design group was tasked with branding an organization that is part of the city of Bloomington. This organization is called 10th Street Corridor. 10th Street Corridor is an effort to brand a developing part of the city with the purpose of attracting young adults to work in the various businesses that are planning to build and employ in the area.The clients asked for a logo that felt technological, modern, and intelligent. These are things that they felt would bring young adults to the area to live and work

The logo came after several iterations that emphasized the abstraction of streets, urban environments, and the idea of a corridor. The interlocking lines push forth the corridor aspect. Myself and the team that I worked on felt that the mark was contemporary in the sense that it feels technological, but also because it is dynamic in its application on various surfaces and ephemera. The mark functions as a work of art that can be oriented and displayed in different ways to showcase 10th street.

The banners shown above are to be placed on 10th street in an effort to illicit interest in commuters and pedestrians. We felt that it was important to create something visually interesting that wasn’t explicit in what it was representing to garner a curiosity in viewers. Ideally one would see the banner and thereafter perhaps Google “Tenth Street Corridor” and learn about what it is.