10th Street Corridor

City of Bloomington: 10th Street Corridor

During the Spring 2018 semester of my BFA seminar, our graphic design group was tasked with branding an organization that is part of the city of Bloomington. This organization is called 10th Street Corridor. 10th Street Corridor is an effort to brand a developing part of the city with the purpose of attracting young adults to work in the various businesses that are planning to build and employ in the area.The clients asked for a logo that felt technological, modern, and intelligent. These are things that they felt would bring young adults to the area to live and work

Initial Sketches and Concepts

These were the beginning concept sketches for the logo. Initially, I was inspired by the shape of one of the districts of 10th Street Corridor; the Trades District. This district has a very similar shape to that of a “0”. I decided to use this since the number “10” has a zero in it.

I also felt that slab-serif typefaces matched up well with the organization. They wanted to appear modern, but also felt that the history of industry within the area was important. Since slab-serifs were created to be used within industrial areas for their robustness, I felt that they would be a good match. The logo that incorporated all of these ideas was more inspired by slab-serifs than taking directly from them.


Logo 1

This was the first logo that was presented to the client. I incorporated the shape of the Trades District into the logo and the “blockiness” of slab-serifs. I wanted it to be very bold and heavy feeling while still feeling modern because the client expressed a desire for both. Another function of the logo I discussed with the client was the fact that the logo could be used to incorporate imagery into the black portions thus making it modular and able to fit many different functions for them. This modularity of the logo became a major selling point from this point on.

The client enjoyed this logo and the concept of it being able to accommodate different contexts. Visually they liked the bold nature of it and very clear reading. But, what was missing was more reference to the future industries that they wanted to attract which would be more technological. I took note of what the client liked and moved on to incorporating more visual reference to something technological.

Sketches and Concepts; Round 2

These iterations are part of the effort to incorporate more reference to technology. I thought that something which would draw a parallel between a street and technology would be a wire. Because tenth street is one street that covers a lot of ground, I made the logo out of one solid line which interlocked at certain points and created corridors and looked like a street. Additionally, the line looked like a wire which created a reference to something more tech oriented for startups and career oriented, educated persons who may make the move to Bloomington.


Logo 2

This is the second logo that I presented to the client. I pushed forth the fact that it was made from one line during the presentation. The client enjoyed this aspect, but did not feel as though the concept was developed strong enough, visually speaking. It was evident that they didn’t think the logo was legible enough for an audience to read “Tenth” or “10TH”.

Sketches and Concepts; Round 3

The third iteration of sketches added more lines to the internal areas of the numbers and slightly rethought their form to improve legibility and uniqueness. The past ideas felt very ordinary in their form and I wanted to push beyond this to make the logo something more memorable for an audience.

Round 3; Final Logo

This is the final logo design that was proposed to the client. My team and I felt that it addressed the interests of the client and conveyed what they wanted as well what their target audience would desire.

The line work intersects at certain points to create shapes and interactions reminiscent of corridors and streets. Additionally we felt that the work could be related to research and development and technology industries as it is reminiscent of computer hardware.

Letterhead and Business Cards

The banners shown above are to be placed on 10th street in an effort to illicit interest in commuters and pedestrians. We felt that it was important to create something visually interesting that wasn’t explicit in what it was representing to garner a curiosity in viewers. Ideally one would see the banner and thereafter perhaps Google “Tenth Street Corridor” and learn about what it is.